Will we ever gain back our freedom?

Did you know that until today, Germany still pays the Jewish community for the blood they spilled during the Holocaust?

I wonder if Israel will ever have to pay for the crimes that they have committed. I wonder if they will ever have to compensate for the millions of Palestinian lives they affected, not just those that were killed but also those that were kicked out of their homeland, witnessed their houses being demolished, their land being stolen, their country taken over.

We are in the 21st century, the year 2013. Just as I would not expect a horrific crime like the Holocaust to ever happen again, I do not expect the world to stand and watch as Israel ethnically cleanses an entire country of its people.

We are at an age where people are supposed to be more educated than ever before. Most households now have access to the Internet and are aware of what goes on. If not the Internet, than TVs, radio stations, newspapers, heck even online blogs like my own. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. People today are free to speak out and to condemn.

But wait, that can’t be the full story.

If people are becoming increasingly educated and aware, why is nobody doing anything about it?

The simple answer is manipulation. Manipulation of the media and politics.

What people do not see, they do not know. That seems fair, right?

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 13.48.27
Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 13.49.34

When the BBC writes about  ‘Palestinian militants terrorizing Israeli households,’ one would naturally picture Palestinian men dressed in army outfits holding heavy machinery and firing at innocent Israeli civilians, no? It’s the way things are phrased and terms that are used that influences a person’s perception. This is not a weakness of human beings, but a demonstration of how influential the media is. People have stopped seeing what really goes on.

Did you see the pictures of the separation wall that I posted in my last blog post?

If not, have a look at them and then look at the picture below. What do you see that’s different?

Wall israel

You see the how the wall on the right side of the picture has been painted to look very natural and part of the city? This is the apartheid wall. The same wall that divides communities and ghettoizes Palestinians, except this is the view from the Israeli side.

I know, I could not believe it either.

For those of you who have never visited the region, the next time you come here I ask that you visit both Palestine and Israel and then decide for yourself what is just and unjust.

Naturally you would fly to Ben Gurion airport because it is easier and more convenient, right? Take my advice and fly to the Jordanian airport. Then cross through the bridge to Palestine and see how much harder the process is for you.

Do you know I spent 7 hours being interrogated at the border? I had my belongings in my suitcase thrown all over the floor (including my underwear), which the authorities told me was a ‘standard security check’.

If this is what a standard security check is, why does this not happen to anybody else? Why, just because I am Palestinian does this mean I can be mistreated and humiliated? Aren’t organizations like Human Watch and the UN supposed to serve and protect the rights of citizens and stand against injustice? What is the point in international human rights law if it does not safeguard our rights when it comes down to it?

I find it funny how the world speaks out about global warming and protecting the environment, about the rights of animals and animal cruelty, about corrupt Arab dictators and the rights of citizens to live free from violence, but then the moment someone utters the world ‘Israel’, everyone stops. Principles go out the window and people suddenly become scared. People hesitate and wonder what everyone else is going to think.

Members of the Security Council continue to veto decisions that would protect the rights of Palestinians, American politics continues to be influenced by Jewish leaders, the worldwide media continues to conceal the truth of what really happens and people continue to be ignorant.

And so the world goes on.

Palestinians continue to suffer and Israel continues to terrorize.

What a world that we live in, huh?


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