The great Israeli project; the $2 billion wall

You wanna know what really frustrates me?

When people refer to the apartheid wall as a ‘security fence’.

Israel says the wall is being built to protect and safeguard Israeli citizens from Palestinians, right? Today I would like to explore this theory. I would like to understand how the wall is intended to protect Israeli citizens and I would like to understand the justification behind spending $2 billion on such a project.

2 billion bloody dollars.

Lets start by taking a look at the village of Baqa.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[Apartheid wall in Baqa village, Tulkarem]

Baqa is a Palestinian village. Can you see the long grey wall running through the middle of the village? That’s an 8-metre high concrete wall topped with barbed wire. This is Israel’s security fence that supposedly stops terrorism.

The houses on the left and right side of the wall are all Palestinian houses by the way. The wall separates Palestinian from Palestinian, neighbour from neighbour, brother from brother. The wall divides the community right in half, between West and East depending on which side of the wall you are on.

This used to all be one village. Baqa has become a large ghetto, enclosed by this so-called ‘security fence’. Please could someone help me understand how this part of the wall has protected and secured the safety of Israeli citizens? I can’t seem to get it.

The next two pictures are of the apartheid wall in East Jerusalem.

separation wall[Wall between Sawahreh Sharqiyya and Abu Dis]

separation wall 1[Wall between Sawahreh Sharqiyya and Abu Dis]

Notice how the wall zigzags through the villages cutting people off from one another? Again, could somebody please explain to me how it makes Israel any safer to cut Palestinians off from their own land and family?

85% of this ‘security wall’ is actually built inside the West Bank. The wall has imprisoned people and created ghettos within Palestine itself. Often to move from one village to the other, people have to pass through checkpoints guarded by Israeli occupation forces. We need to ask their permission to move within our own country. How does this make Israel any safer??

To make matters worse, the wall has been built on some of the most fertile land in Palestine. Thousands of homes had to be demolished and continue to be demolished until today to make room for the wall, water wells have been confiscated and hundreds and thousands of olive trees have been uprooted. These olive trees by the way are supposed to be protected under international cultural heritage laws. They are of historical importance to us because they have been part of our landscape for thousands of years.

The production of olive oil is also important for our economy and for some farmers, it is their only source of income. Israel is making it impossible for people to live. This ‘security’ fence is destroying any hope we have of ever sustaining ourselves. With no way of earning an income, no way of obtaining building permits and no way of moving around villages to find work, younger generation Palestinians are being forced to move elsewhere.

9 whole years have passed since the International Court of Justice deemed the wall illegal and yet it is still there and continues to grow. I can’t help but feel disgusted when I look at the wall and its even worse when you see it in real life. The pictures don’t do it justice.

The Berlin Wall was 96 miles long and the average height was between 3-4 metres. Do you know Israel’s Wall is more than 4 times the length of the Berlin Wall, standing at almost 400 miles and in some areas it is twice the height?

berlin wall[Berlin Wall – 3.5m]

[Apartheid Wall around Qalqilya, Palestine – 8m]

If the wall is intended to protect Israeli citizens from Palestinian ‘terrorists’ and ‘militants,’ then please answer me this:

– Why does it not run on the internationally recognized borders?

– Why does 85% of the wall cut through the West Bank?

– Why are Palestinian communities being divided from one another?

Did you know the circumference of the wall is longer than the circumference of the whole of the West Bank?

The racist, colonialist Israeli state is using the apartheid wall to forcibly expel Palestinians from the land, to imprison innocent people in “ghettos” so they do not expand their villages and segregating Palestinian and Israeli communities. The devastating reality is this ‘security’ wall is destroying every aspect of Palestinian life.

Palestinians are thirsty for life and thirsty for freedom and just like any other, we deserve to live free.

Please stand with us and help us fight for our rights as human beings.

wall 11

wall 1111


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