A Chance to Tell Our Story

The first ever Palestinian museum – who ever thought it would be possible?

The Palestinian museum, one of the Welfare Association’s projects, is the first museum being built to provide a cultural voice for Palestinians worldwide. What excites me most about the development of the museum is that people will be able to come from all over the world to learn and read about our history and cultural heritage. It provides a platform to engage in research and explores themes that articulate Palestinian experiences in ways that convey simple but powerful messages.

While Israel attempts to terrorize and weaken the Palestinian people by expanding illegal settlements, occupying land beyond the agreed 1967 borders, kicking people out of their homes, discriminating against men, women and children simply because they are Palestinian, the museum is a reminder of our strength and history, our struggle for freedom and identity and the successes and achievements of our ancestors. So long as the Palestinian people walk the earth, Israel will not succeed in repressing our spirit.

If you haven’t yet heard about the development of the museum, go read up about it.

We are watching history in the making.

Palestinian Museum

Phase I of the project is due to be completed next year and the opening is in autumn 2014 in Birzeit. Its first exhibition addresses the question of Palestinian identity.

Ben Gurion (1948) once said: “The old will die and the young will forget.”

No Mr Gurion, we will not forget.


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